On the basis of a green neighborhood development project in Changsha, this paper, studies the disparities between compact development and green (vegetated) open space issues in LEED-ND and the following Chinese national and local urban planning standards: • Changsha City Technical Regulations on Urban Planning (CSCTRUP); • China Code of Urban Residential Areas Planning and Design (CURAPD); • Evaluation Standard for Green Building (ESGB). The author found LEED-ND scoring method in compact development and green open space suitable for Chinese urban redevelopment, however, the point’s scale in Neighborhood Pattern and Design (NPD) Credit 2: Compact Development and NPD Credit 9: Access to Civic and Public Space, cannot reflect Chinese urban reality. A set of alternative scoring approaches have been proposed to improve LEED-ND’s adaptability in China. Similarly, the green (vegetated) open space requirements are studied and technical suggestions are provided to adapt LEED-ND in China.

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