This paper will cover a method for inline blending biodiesel and the initial testing of fuel blends for a Wartsila TM620, inline six cylinder, 4-stroke, 400 rpm, diesel engine generator set rated at 7.8MW. To facilitate this initial testing 6,000 gallons of Recycled Frying Oil Methyl Ester (RFO-ME) was delivered by ISO tank container from Oahu. The testing objective was to design a system that would facilitate emissions data collection for numerous blends, gain experience using the fuel, and to determine if nitrogen oxide emission levels would exceed our air permit. Engine performed well on all fuel blends, with a greater than expected increase in nitrogen oxide emissions, but within the limits of the air permit. Neat biodiesel (B100) resulted in an increased thermal efficiency when compared to #2 diesel. Inline blending is a safe effective method to control fuel blends.

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