The Decontamination Method Data-Base (DMDb) is a versatile decision support information system. It is a computer based decision making tool which assists in the selection of best choice of metal surface decontamination technologies, procedures and agents. It is meant for educated and skilled experts in radiochemistry and for specialists in physics, chemistry, physical chemistry and other fields. The database has been developed to meet typical demands of users specialising in the decontamination of radiolagically contaminated materials and considers:

• detergent compositions for a specific contaminant;

• detergent compositions for a specific surface being decontaminated;

• detergent compositions for cleaning a specific surface of a specific contaminant;

• decontamination parameters in view of the composition of a detergent;

• corrosion effects in different conditions;

• etc.

In this connection, the major data entity of the database is a unit record describing a decontamination technology for a specific contaminated surface. The unit record contains information on the surface material, contamination, decontamination effectiveness, corrosion impacts and a literature source. The data presentation makes possible the realization of a record selection algorithm for a “lay” user to support the decontamination decision approaching the best one.

The analysis of the unit record subject and structure served as the basis for developing relational model “Tables – Relationships” and a tentative alternative of a user interface. Experimental records were entered to optimize users’ inquiries on the composition and corrosion effects of detergents under various conditions.

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