This solenoid valve is used in the Hydraulic Control Rod Drive Technology (HCRDT). The Technology is a newly invented patent and the Institute of Nuclear and New Energy Technology Tsinghua University owns HCRDT’s independent intellectual property rights. The Integrated valve which is made up of three direct action solenoid valves is the key part of this technology, so the performance of the solenoid valve directly affects the function of the integrated valve and the HCRDT. On one hand, based on the conditions occurring in the operation of the Control Rod Hydraulic Drive System, the thermal field of the head is analyzed by ANSYS. The result shows that the highest temperature is below the decomposition temperature of the coil. Second, the performance of the head is obtained in the high temperature. Third, a method is presented to monitor the performance of the valve while the reactor is working. On the other hand, the head of the direct action solenoid valve in high temperature is studied by the experiment. In a word, the solenoid valve has a good performance under high temperature condition.

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