Beginning with the study of the engineering characteristics of nuclear power plant construction and the development situation of smart site of construction at home and abroad, this paper clearly puts forward the necessity and urgency of developing smart site standardization system in the field of nuclear power plant engineering. This paper researches the application scenarios of information technologies such as Internet of Things, 5G, Big Data and AI in the field of engineering construction, and systematically expounds the business architecture, functional architecture, technical architecture and data architecture of smart site of construction. By analyzing the specific requirements of each participant of the nuclear power plant construction on the vision, business objectives, functional requirements and information security constraints of the smart site, this paper researches and puts forward the standardized architecture of the smart site network infrastructure and information system consistent with the field of nuclear power plant construction, and focuses on the systematical framework and core contents of the General Technical Requirements, and the On-Site Implementation Guidelines, and the Construction & Operation Management Specifications, of the smart site information platform for nuclear power plant construction. The purpose of this paper is to provide a standardized system construction idea for all participants in the nuclear power plant construction to carry out digital transformation in the new round of nuclear power construction opportunity period.

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