Electronic equipment is an indispensable part of high reliability equipment such as aerospace and nuclear power plant (NPP). It is difficult to evaluate the health condition of the electronic equipment because of its complex structure and uncertain fault behavior. This paper firstly classifies the health assessment methods of electronic equipment, introduces in detail the main technical methods under the three categories of classical assessment methods, data-based assessment methods and physical model-based assessment methods, and analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of each method. In addition, considering the increasingly complex functional structure of electronic equipment, its physical failure mechanism is more difficult to grasp. From the perspective of application potential, this paper focuses on the research of data-based health assessment strategy, proposes a multi-model health assessment method based on working conditions, gives a general model of electronic equipment health assessment, and gives a way to obtain model parameters through the local optimal least square method. Finally, the above strategy is applied to study the degradation condition of DCDC power module aging test data of nuclear power board, and the validity of the proposed algorithm is verified based on the degradation data of board aging test, which provides a reference for electronic equipment health evaluation.

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