Nuclear power plant sites are scarce resources for nuclear energy development. It is necessary to optimize the general layout scheme of nuclear power plant to reduce the project cost and operation cost. In the feasibility study stage of the project, the determination of the general layout scheme of nuclear power plant can provide design input for the land acquisition negotiation, geological prospecting, environmental assessment, site safety analysis and other topics. Then the rationality of the nuclear power plant project is proved more strongly.

The work content of general drawing runs through the whole process of power plant engineering construction, involving many aspects such as seismic geology, hydrometeorology, and bulky transportation. Among them, the comparison and selection of the general layout scheme of nuclear power plant is a key step of the demonstration in the early stage of the project, and it needs to be iterated with several topics in the early stage to be reasonably determined. Therefore, it is very important to find a method to compare and choose the optimal general layout scheme of power plant.

In this paper, a fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method based on AHP is proposed to establish an evaluation index system for the general layout of nuclear power plants. By comprehensive analysis of the main influencing factors of the project such as the self-human condition, three overall layout schemes are quantitatively evaluated from each dimension, and the optimal scheme is obtained.

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