The Network Interface Unit is a module of electronics mounted on the side of homes which carries broadband information, including voice, video, and data. The packaging goals are to provide for environmental protection along with EMI shielding for the electronics with inherent reliability’s providing for up to 20 years in life, at extremely low costs.

The packaging approach involves providing a double enclosure concept utilizing injection molded plastics. The design provides for snap-fit features which allows for mounting of the printed circuit board and a one-time-only snap-fit of the inside enclosure with no seals, screws, or gaskets to minimize assembly costs. The inside plastic components provide for fire resistance (UL-94-5VA), high heat resistance, and shielding while the outside plastic enclosure provides for chemical resistance, impact resistance, (low temperature) and ultraviolet resistance. The outside enclosure provides for a hinge and skirt which allows for shielding of the internal plastic components against ultraviolet exposure. There is also a tongue and groove seal which provides for moisture resistance.

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