The key technology of furnace for utility boiler is the combustion organizing of burner. The whirl burners are gradually adopted in large-scale utility boiler. A new structure based on dual register whirl burner was proposed and studied by experiment and numerical simulation. From experiment work carried out on cold modeling test, we obtained axial velocity distribution, refluxing extent and turbulence with different spouts, swirl intensity, and blast air distribution. The flow fields were also calculated by computational fluid dynamic (CFD) simulations which accorded with experimental results. By both studies it was found that the new structure whirl burner has high turbulence near the spout and favorable reflowing for ignition and steady combustion. Air distribution controlling could adjust flow field for variable coal. Total refluxing extent variable was proposed to predict the refluxing ratio. The multi-blocks concentrator of pulverized coal was also studied. And favorable dense-lean particle separation was observed which is helpful to dense-lean combustion for low NOx emission.

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