In Japan, environmental fatigue evaluation for LWR components is required in plant life management (PLM) by the regulator. The utilities are using JSME “Environmental Fatigue Evaluation Method for Nuclear Power Plants” (JSME S NF1). The first publication of JSMS S NF1 was the 2006 Edition, and it was revised in the 2009 Edition. Recently, the Subgroup on Fatigue Evaluation in the JSME Committee on Power Generation Facility Codes has developed three technical items for the JSME Environmental Fatigue Evaluation, and those have been approved by the Committee. Those revisions will be incorporated into 2022 Edition. The first one implements revised design fatigue curves. The second one revises the environmental fatigue life correction factor, Fen for PWR components. The third one is a Flaw Tolerance Approach for environmental fatigue evaluation. In this paper, the above three items are introduced.

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