Individual research projects often plan experimental test matrices using a restricted batch of materials to study fatigue phenomena and performance. Often the results of these studies are aggregated into databases of material behavior. However, many important scientific findings can be lost in such databases, where complex experimental results can be condensed to generalized tables containing few details. In some scenarios this aggregation and condensing of results in unable to adequately describe the original research.

Dedicated research in Finland aims to support application of risk-informed inspection and LTO strategies, which benefit from addressing material-specific behavior in fatigue management. Initial experimental in-air fatigue results on stainless steel 12” schedule 140 Z2CND1812 N2 class 1 pipe material, which is representative for the EPR reactor in Olkiluoto, were reported in PVP2022-84007. This paper presents an update on continued experimental progress, focusing on material sampling location effects and influence of test temperature on in-air fatigue behavior.

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