As an important part of building safety, the safety of chemical industry park structures is of great significance to the improvement and development of the global security system. However, there are still some problems in the design and use of the safety database of chemical structures, such as incomplete information of structures and materials, low integrity of data information, and poor systematic Ness. In this paper, a new database is designed to solve the problems existing in the current chemical industry park structure database. First, establish a new type of database to sort out and store information, including three modules: building information, environment and personnel information, and accident management information. Secondly, through the existing calculation and analysis methods, carry out data analysis for the organic coupling of different modules, and for the possible safety accidents of chemical structures, realize the main functions of optimizing design and construction, assisting daily maintenance, and improving rescue efficiency, Finally, the optimal selection or design measures are provided according to the analysis results, and the final scheme is given according to the specific requirements of the country. In addition, the new database can improve the efficiency of the government’s integrated management of chemical structures and provide data support for improving the building safety system.

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