Shipowners and diesel engine users are faced with changing fuel costs. The high price of fuel in recent years has pushed SEMT Pielstick to introduce recently a new version of its long-stroke PC engines. SEMT Pielstick worked on basic parameters of engines to reduce fuel consumption. Research was done on supercharging by adapting a new exhaust manifold, by pass arrangement and new turbo-blowers. The combustion chamber parameters have been thoroughly examined regarding firing pressure, stroke-to-bore ratio, and rotational speed. Reliability was checked by designing components of engines according to the state of art and the experience of SEMT Pielstick. The levels of stresses or temperatures were kept the same as for previous engines or even improved in order to give better reliability. This reliability has been confirmed by the results of the first long-stroke Pielstick engines put into service: the PC 20 L installed on the “Sovereign of the Sea” (RCCL) and the PC 40 L, installed on “New Hamanasu,” “New Shirayuri,” and “Muroto.” The oldest of these has operated trouble-free for more than two years. The availability of engines is very good, and service results, such as wear of components, are even better than with the previous standard stroke engine.

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