Current dual fuel engines utilizing standard mechanical (Bosch type) fuel injection systems set to 5–6 percent pilot delivery do not appear capable of reducing NOx emissions much below the current minimum of 4 g/bhp-h without incurring substantial penalties in efficiency and operability. A prototype Electronic Pilot Fuel Injector (EPFI) was designed that overcomes the shortcomings of the mechanical injection system, consistently delivering 3 percent or less pilot at pressures as high as 20,000 psi. The EPFI was installed and tested in one cylinder of a standard production dual fuel engine operating at a waste water treatment facility. A feasibility test confirmed that the engine would indeed operate satisfactorily at 2.9 percent pilot. Comparisons with baseline data revealed the EPFI yielded a 45 percent reduction in NOx emissions with a 3 percent or greater improvement in efficiency. Further optimization of the system, discussed in Part II, indicates that even greater reductions in NOx emissions can be obtained without incurring a penalty in fuel consumption.

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